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Wine, winners and song


Announcing our winner for the December 29 Portland Spelling Bee: Bill!

Congratulations, Bill!

Congratulations, Bill!

Bill, a several-time presence on the podium, captured top honors this time by correctly spelling “vigneron.” A vigneron is, of course, a grower of wine grapes. Apropos both for our location at the north end of the world-renownedish Willamette Valley wine region, and for the contest’s timing just a few days before that most bibulous of holidays: New Year’s Eve.

Congratulations again to Bill, and happy 2009 to all our current, former, future and wanna-be spellers!


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Welcome to the Bee Blog!

da-beeHello Portland! Welcome to the official blog of the Portland Spelling Bee, hosted by the Mississippi Pizza Pub. The Bee is where logophiles gather every week to test their knowledge of Greek roots, Latin stems, the tricksy little vowels that bind them all together, and of course a scattering of Gaelic words whose spelling has little or no relationship to their pronunciation (“ceilidh,” anyone?).

Monday nights, adult spellers take the stage (perhaps with a glass in hand) to show off their skills. Erin Ergenbright hosts this event and is always glad to see new faces in the ever-growing crowd. Spelling starts at 7 sharp… but get there early for your best chance at scoring one of the limited number of slots!

Beginning this month, spellers up to age 18 are invited to a Bee just for them, hosted by Molly Newman. The contestants may be younger, but the competition will be just as fierce (yet friendly). Look for details on date and time coming soon.

So brush off that dictionary… run those spelling rules through your mind (and their inevitable exceptions)… and head down to Mississippi Avenue for some spelling-related excitement!

Adult Spelling Bee
Monday nights, 7:00 p.m. (sign-ups at 6:30)
Where: 3552 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland (find it on Google Maps)

Hey: are you a current Spelling Bee participant? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your comments here and we’ll be sure to respond.

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